Puppy Adoption Application

Puppy Adoption Information

At Valhalla Mountain Kennels we think it is of utmost importance that you understand completely the commitment you make to your pet when you adopt and bring home your new family member. We hope it will be the beginning of a lifelong (dog years) journey of friendship, loyalty and unconditional love. Please take the adoption of a new puppy seriously and make sure that you are up for the challenges and the joys that your new puppy will bring. We hope that you will be able to provide a loving and safe environment for your puppy and be able to meet all your puppy’s health and companionship needs.

Our adoption process is quite straight forward. You must first decide on which puppy you would like to adopt. Then, print out the puppy application and fill it in. Fax the form (250-359-2960) or scan and email (valhallahorsenhound@gmail.com ) the application to us. We will sign the application and return it to you for your records. Once signed, a 50% deposit must be received before the puppy will be held for you. Once the deposit is received, the puppy is yours and all ads will have the puppy removed from the “for sale” section and into the sold section. The balance of the purchase price is due once the puppy is picked up, delivered or just prior to shipping if the puppy is being shipped. The puppy application spells out our puppy guarantee and also our expectations of new puppy owners. We of course will always be available for questions if you ever have any uncertainties or just want to talk about your puppy.  Note:  Our first litter of CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog pups will be available in 2020.

Our CKC registered poodles are sold as pets with non- breeding rights for $2,000

Our CKC registered poodles sold with full registration and breeding rights are $4,000

Our CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog pups are sold as pets with non-breeding rights for $2,000

Our CKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog pups sold with full registration and breeding rights are $4,000

Our Bernedoodle pups are sold with non-breeding rights and are priced according to color. The Tricolors and the Tricolor-Sables have the same markings as the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog (Sable has brown mixed in the black areas) and are in the most demand so tend to be the most expensive followed by the Phantoms and Sable-Phantoms (black and tan like a Doberman).  Next are the Tuxedos which are black and white and have 4 white paws, white tail tip, white bellies and chest and white up over their nose and forehead.  Last and least expensive are the solids which are usually all black with minimal white occasionally on their chest or paw.

Pricing is as follows:
Solids: $2,000
Tuxedos: $2,500
Phantoms: $3,000
Sable-Phantom: $3,000
Tricolors: $3,500
Sable-Tricolor: $3,500